Hello my name is Aaron, I am the main character in all of ALJ books. You see all of the stories surrounds my life journey. Below is our company motto. Check it out and I will check you later!

Our Company Motto:

Where Inspiration Begins & Bullying Ends!!!

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  • AUGUST 3rd

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   Our Mission Statement:

Our mission and goal is to teach, bring awareness, and let every child know they are valued. We believe if we can reach children at a young age and teach them to be accepting of others differences, we can turn around the high statistics of children taking their lives due to bullying.

-Andrea Lockhart-Nixon

Hello my name is Cutie Pie Peggy. I am a character in ALJ first book , "Two Muffins." Next to me is our mission statement. Please make sure you read it. It explains why we do, what we do. 

Happy reading!!!