5-year- old “Cutie pie Peggy” is a chubby little girl who loves to eat and is often teased about her weight. Aaron, who is the coolest boy in the class, often makes fun of Peggy and encourages others in the class to do the same. When Ms. Molly (lead teacher) and Ms. Joybell (assistant teacher) notice what is happening, they know they must come up with a plan to teach the children, especially Aaron, how to embrace others and their differences. The teachers understand the importance of accepting others and how God wants us to view others.  Will Aaron learn a lesson?  Will Peggy be teased all year? Will Ms. Molly’s solution work? Find out in this “must purchase” book, Two Muffins. “Two Muffins,” is the first book in the series called, “Aaron’s Life Journeys.” It is my hope throughout my series of books, I will reach children who may share some of Aaron’s experiences and gain positive views and hope for a more accepting world. I hope you will enjoy reading, “Two Muffins,” as much as I have enjoyed writing it. How can I use this book? This book can be used as a teaching tool for teachers, parents, and others when dealing with sensitive topics such as obesity, exclusion, bullying, and prejudice with children. It teaches acceptance, differences, and valuing ourselves as God values us. Audience: This book is geared to the elementary age group. However, it can be read to any age group to help promote unity and self-esteem.

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"The Tool Box"