The Tool Box is truly an amazing book that takes you on a road trip that you want forget. This book talks about the big word, PERSEVERANCE. A word that Aaron’s Papa has been trying to teach him for a long time. In this book Aaron goes to a new school where his mother just got a new job. The school is well known for students that are very rich. Aaron had already made up in his mind, he did not want to go for this very reason. He knew his mother was not rich, in fact they were poor, but was a very happy family.


One day Aaron noticed a sign in school that said $500 for the winner with the best spectacular, amazing, creative project. Aaron decided to enter the contest and try to win the money to help his mother buy a new car. Because the one they rode in goes like this: Burr, Click, Click, Clacky, Clack, Bop, Bop, Boom. 


Aaron wanted to quit and drop out the contest, because the children started to bully and tease him.

  1. Did Aaron quit?

  2. Who won the contest?

  3. Was there a lesson to be learned?

A must read book! The Tool Box is funny, captivating, and is sure to take you on the coolest ride ever. You will find yourself wanting to read over and over again.


As always my books talks about the sensitive topic Bullying. My goal is to reach as many children as I can, through my books, to let them know being kind is the new Kool!


Your author,


Andrea Lockhart-Nixon