My number one fan, my Daddy!!!

You will never be forgotten.

ALJ Company Winners of the 2018 Christmas Raffle!!!

 Coming soon, May 18th at the Anti-Bullying Community Event in Raleigh!

December/2018 65th NCAEYC Conference!

Dr. Becky Bailey, writer, speaker,

and an inspiration to all. Also

 this years Keynote speaker.

December book signing at Childcare Network. What a fun day. I had a great time meeting parents and talking to the little ones!

We give a thumb down to Bullying!

Learning about bullying at a young age. That's what up!

Michael Bonner, Dynamic teacher and motivational speaker around the world.

Lorie Barnes, Executive Director of NCAEYC. An inspiration to many.

DJ Svoboda of imagifriends. 65th  NCAEYC Conference, 2018.

Waiting patiently for me to sign her book, she wanted to know who was Aaron in the book.

So excited about her book, she said she love to read!